Spirit and Leadership point update 9/19

Ashley Nault 1 Ashley Nault2
Leadership points (5pts) for Sapientia because one of your members exhibited impressive leadership skills for organizing, design, ordering and distributing Cross Country Team Spirit wear!

Congratulations to Jonathan William of Fides for SIGNIFICANTLY improving your time in the Cross Country meet!  Your CC team and school is proud of your hard work and accomplishment! (3pts)

PDQ Spirit Night – All houses were equally represented!  THANK YOU for supporting CCS! (8pts for each house)
Instagram Leadership Points – In order to lead well, you have to communicate well.  And one way to do that is via social media.  Since most of the students seem to have Instagram accounts, each house has set up a restricted house members only account to post house specific information and announcements.  House Fides was the first to establish a house Instagram account.  (5 leadership pts)

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