Canned Food Drive, Sports, and Spirit Points

Current House Standings:

 Fides-03 Audacia-02-02sapientia final

851                            740                        713

As we wrap up the first quarter of points, there are pictures to share and points to record.

Canned Food Drive

  • Fides was awarded Admin Points for Emily Goddard organizing the collection for Cooperative Christian Ministries (5pts)
  • Fides came in 1st place in the canned food collection (30pts)Fides Spirit Shirt 912
  • Audacia came in 2nd place (20pts)
  • Sapientia cam in 3rd place (10pts)

Attendance at CCS sporting events – Volleyball, Cross Country, and Soccer – for the 1st quarter have also been added to the point totals.
CCS advisors
House Advisors showing their SPIRIT!

Congratulations to…

  • Ashley Nault for winning the girls race at the WPAC conference championship!! (12pts)
  • Dawson Hardie for coming in 3rd place at the WPAC conference championship!! (4pts)
  • Sam Hale for significantly improving your time in cross country! (3pts)
  • House Audacia for over 75% wearing your shirt on Oct. 3rd (15pts)
  • For all three houses having members mentioned in the CCS E-news as well as in the Administrative Highlights