Fall House Games

The 1st Annual Fall House Games Competition was CRAZY fun!  All three houses had over 75% of their members in attendance.  Competition was fierce but filled with laughter and sportsmanship.  Each House was split up into two teams giving a total of 6 teams competing in 10 different classic Young Life/Youth Group games.  Each game had two heats and the 1st place winners received 1 point, 2nd place winners received 2pts, and 3rd place winners received 3pts.  The “Ultimate Winner of the House Games” was the House with the lowest number of points.

The points were extremely close between Audacia and Sapientia with only one point separating the two of them.  At the end of the night, Sapientia was announced the winner!  Congratulations Sapientia!  Well Done!FHG5

Final Scores:
Sapientia – 36
Audacia – 37
Fides – 47

FHG2FHG3 Balloon Smash! FHG4FHG1FHG17 FHG16
Spaghetti Race
FHG15 FHG14 FHG13 FHG12Thanksgiving Dinner – Baby Style
2HComp2014FHG11FHG10HComp2014  Duct Tape Army Man Pick up!
And Turkey Neck!
FHG8 FHG7 FHG6 FHG5Conjoined Christmas!

FHG1FHG3 Blanket Chariot Race  FGH2 FHG6House Spirit!  FHG73HComp2014

Lock-in attendance points go towards 2nd quarter.
Audacia – 44
Fides – 44
Sapientia – 40