Update on House points

Last Wednesday, each of the Houses held their first official House meeting of the year.  Soon we will be at the end of the 1st quarter!  Below is an update on the activities that have been awarded House points.

Subscribing to the House Blog (students and parents)
Audacia – 44pts
Fides -28 pts
Sapientia – 26 pts

House Members on various CCS sports teams!  GO WARRIORS!
MS Soccer Audacia -6pts, Fides – 3pts, Sapientia -6pts
V Soccer Fides – 6pts
MS XC girls Audacia -3pts, Fides -3pts, Sapientia -3pts
MS XC boys Audacia -3pts, Sapientia -3pts
HS CX girls Audacia – 9pts, Fides -6pts, Sapientia – 6pts, plus 1 captain 3pts
HS XC boys Audacia – 9pts, Fides – 3pts, Sapientia – 3pts
Volleyball Audacia – 9pts, Fides – 3pts, Sapientia -3pts

Attend home sports games
Audacia – 14pts
Fides – 8pts
Sapientia – 6pts

Student Government
Officers: Audacia -5pts, Fides – 20pts
Class Representatives: Fides -6pts, Sapientia – 9pts

PTO Spagetti Dinner
Audacia – 4pts
Fides -2pts
Sapientia -2pts

Spiritual Formation Participants
9/17 Fides -6pts, Sapientia -3pts
9/24 Audacia – 12pts, Fides – 21pts, Sapientia – 6pts

Apologetics Conference
Audacia -10pts, Fides – 10pts, Sapientia – 5pts

Ashley with Sapientia designed XC shirt – 5 leadership pts
Sapientia 1st to post items on House bulletin board – 5 leadership ptsrsz_img_6174

Current Point Standings:
    1123pts               776pts              957pts