Fall House Games 2015

Due to some scheduling difficulties, the 2nd Annual Fall House Games Competition wrapped up the week of mid-term exams – right before students were leaving for Christmas break.  Attendance was down but all 3 houses had around 50% or more of their members in attendance.  Despite being somewhat tired from a week of studying, the competition was still fierce but filled with laughter and sportsmanship.  A last minute decision was made not to split up each house into two teams like was done last year; however, the number of games each participated in stayed the same.  Each game had the 1st place winners received 1 point, 2nd place winners received 2pts, and 3rd place winners received 3pts.  The “Ultimate Winner of the House Games” was the House with the lowest number of points.

The points were extremely close between the three Houses with only 2 points separating them.  At the end of the day, Sapientia was announced the winner!
Congratulations Sapientia!  Well Done!

sapientia final

Final Scores:
Sapientia – 28 points
Fides  30 points
Audacia  32 points

Below are some of the pictures from the fun afternoon!

House Chant Competition

Balloon Stomp
rsz_dscn3838 rsz_dscn3840

Oven Mitt Kisses
rsz_dscn3860 rsz_dscn3863 rsz_dscn3864 rsz_dscn3865 rsz_dscn3867 rsz_dscn3879 rsz_dscn3882 rsz_dscn3883

rsz_dscn3889 rsz_dscn3891

Cookie Face

rsz_dscn3935 rsz_dscn3941(1)

Santa’s Sleigh Ride
rsz_dscn3949 rsz_dscn3970

Wreath Relay

Christmas Ball and Cup Tree
rsz_dscn4026 rsz_dscn4029 rsz_dscn4031

Santa’s Beard for the House Captains

rsz_dscn4046 rsz_dscn4047 rsz_dscn4048

Buddy the Elf’s favorite meal challenge
rsz_dscn4052 rsz_dscn4069 rsz_dscn4072