The 2nd Quarter Winner is…

House Audacia!

Audacia-02-02Final Point Totals:

1st place – Audacia with 885 points

2nd place – Sapientia with 769 points

3rd place – Fides with 728 points

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Congratulations House Audacia for a job well done! 

Continue to “Live Courageously” and keep up the good work!

House Description:   Audacia – Latin for Boldness, Daring
Motto – “Viva audace” (Live courageously)
Colors – Red and Gold
Mascot – Lion
Core Values – Chivalry, Service, Leadership/Authority, Bravery, Courage, Nobility, Initiative

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“Wrapping up” the points from Dec to finish 2nd quarter

Before the 2nd quarter winner is announced on Thursday morning, there are still some points to post, and GPA’s still have to be factored in to the final points.

Fides‘ captain, Daniel H., spearheaded and provided guitar accompaniment to a group of students and faculty carolers each morning before school started during the month of December.  All Houses that had members join him in song received points for their Christmas and School spirit.
Audacia 14pts, Fides 56pts, Sapientia 26pts

The CCS monologue competition was a lovely evening event where our Theater students were able to present monologues they had been working on all semester. A challenging panel of adjudicators–Caroline Kraehe, Arts Director from Cary Christian School, and our own Joshua Leland and Andrew Morton–graded the students on their efforts.
There were 3 prizes awarded:
First Place Dramatic Monologue: Kirby Thigpen performing Anthony’s Funeral Oration from Julius Caesar (Audacia 5pts)
First Place Comedic Monologue: Erin Davis performing Julia’s monologue from Mugged in Metropolis (Sapientia 5pts)
Audience Choice Award: Bryson Rose performing Ferris Bueller’s monologue from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Audacia 5pts)
After the performance, everyone gathered for a reception of delicious homemade desserts and hot chocolate.

Continuing with Points for the Arts:
Sydney H. performed at the Daniel Stowe Botantical Gardens on December 5th.  And Bryson R. visited the Festival of Trees on December 11th.  (Audacia 6pts)
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The “Force” is strong at CCS…so strong that it drew several students out before the last day of mid-terms to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night.

And don’t forget to come out and support all the CCS basketball teams this week and in the weeks ahead.  Make sure to sign in so that your house gets points!

Keep the Faith! Pursue Wisdom! Live Courageously!

Core Values, Dec. 14-18, 2015

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Congratulations House Audacia for all your commendable efforts in semester one:

  • One Member showed KINDNESS and a HEART of SERVICE toward his fellow classmates by holding the door for the entire student body after morning assembly on Monday morning.
  • One Members demonstrated EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP by  initiating a school service project idea, getting approval, coordinating with the staff, and carrying it out.
  • Five Members demonstrated SERVICE by working diligently on candy grams.

Congratulations House Fides for all your commendable efforts in semester one:

  • One Members demonstrated SERVICE by working diligently on candy grams.

Congratulations House Sapientia for all your commendable efforts in semester one:

  • Three members demonstrated SERVICE by working diligently on candy grams.