Fides Den Party 2016

rsz_img_2084The House Fides DEN Party was a big success!!  Over 60% of the Upper School students attended and approximately $200 was raised for a GaGa Ball Pit for CCS.  (Just need a little bit more $$ and the plan/hope is to build the pit in April.      rsz_img_6962(1)
All sorts of fun and creative games were played.  Here is Mr. Leland leading an RPG game.
And Congratulations goes to Mr. Russell’s team, who were the the RPG game winners!

Screens were set up for XBOX and WiiU game fun!  And one can’t forget the Super Smash Bros. tournament!

Other board, video, and/or card games included Forbidden Desert, Dread, FIFA, Poker, Guitar Hero, Clue, and King Mao, just to name a few.
rsz_img_1459rsz_img_1467rsz_img_6964rsz_img_6960  rsz_img_6968
And to blow off some steam, the other half of the gym offered the chance to shoot some hoops or joust with pool noodles on Hoverboards.
A BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Leland, Mr. Morton and Mr. Haycox for chaperoning the evening and having just as much fun as the students were having!!
DEN party attendance points: Audacia 16pts, Fides 32pts, Sapientia 22pts

Chick-fila Spirit NightSapientia 6pts

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors – Open House tours:
Audacia 6pts, Fides 12pts, Sapientia 6pts

Basketball Game attendance on 2/17
Audacia 2pts, Fides 22pts, Sapientia 22pts

Current Standings:
678 pts            654 pts             556 pts