A Student’s View of CCS by Kady Kuhn

rsz_img_4372My name is Kady Kuhn. I’m a senior and the Student Body President here at Covenant Classical School. I have been a student at CCS since I was four years old, and honestly this place is my home. Before I tell you about my experience, I’d like to point out that this is not an advertisement. I am not here to try to sell you this school, but instead to give you a glimpse of what happens here. At CCS, everyday I am being trained for battle. I put my armor on and walk into class. See, education is more than just preparation for a career, it is enriching and teaching students to be concerned about salvation. We are taught discipline, because if I can’t read long, boring books or complete twenty-five math problems, there will never be a time that I can practice consistent prayer, fasting, or ministry.

Here at CCS I was taught not to simply follow my heart or be true to myself, no, I was taught that man is sub-creator and that through self-discipline and denial of my fleshly desires I can work harmoniously with the Maker. My school is far from perfect and quite honestly there are days when I want to give it up all together, but when your teachers look at you encouraging you to seek comfort in His word, and to have a genuine concern for your soul, it is much harder to entertain the idea of giving up.

I’m not saying that my academics aren’t vigorous, in fact I spent the summer reading “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, which for those of you that don’t know is the kind of book that looks, feels, and smells ancient, and when you drop it dust comes flying up. In calculus we are given a lesson each day, and when we miss problems we don’t just forget about it and move on, no, we go back and dissect each step and pour over that one problem until its perfect. Covenant Classical School for me has not just been the place where I have grown up. It has been the place where I have been trained to discern not just what is true, but also to recognize the things that look like they’re true.

As graduation grows continually closer I am reminded everyday of what a privilege it is to be here surrounded by people who love me and push me to be a woman of integrity, discipline, and authenticity. – Kady


(Pictured above: Kady on the right with her dear friend and VP, Becca, and Kady sharing the morning announcements)