A student’s view: Things I see at CCS by Joe Mulligan


My name is Joe Mulligan, I am a junior, and the House Captain of Audacia. Before I begin I want to share a few statistics with you.

If we spend approximately 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 30 weeks every year for 12
years in school, we spend roughly 12,600 hours in school. That means we spend 525 days worth of time in school. We, as students will sit through roughly 13,745 class periods. We will spend 756,000 minutes in class or 45,360,000 seconds.  If I sleep from 10pm- 6am every day during the school year, I spend less waking hours within my house than I do within my school. If you define your home as where you spend most your time, CCS is my home.

What does that all mean? It means CCS is important to me. CCS, in a lot of ways in my
home, and its occupants are my family. My day at CCS is spent in the presence of my brothers and sisters, in Christ, and in spirit. I firmly believe, if we accept this mentality, we will treat each other with kindness, respect, and honesty. If the students of CCS really are my family, than I ought to treat them better than I do.

If I had a message to share with you today, it is simply this. In the words of Ellen “Be kind to one another.” Treat each other with respect. Value others above yourself. This message is not new, but it certainly is important. I would like to challenge myself along with the Upper School students at CCS to fight against the temptation to complain. Less complaining, less saying “I’m tired.” (Seriously, it gets annoying after a while, but don’t misunderstand, I say it all the time too.)

CCS is a great school, full of talented exceptional people. If we all daily sought to practice the faith we hear every week and talk about every day to its full potential, our school will be an atmosphere full of kindness, of diligence, and of respect. It will increase its worth for those attending, and those who are going to attend. The Bible is literally carved into our school’s foundation, so let’s continue to build upon it.

Let’s work. Let’s work hard. Let’s practice our faith when we think, when we speak, when
we do. Let’s go out there and be a light in the darkness. Only together can we accomplish what we are called to do.
Thank you for everything,