Covenant Cup Winner 2015-2016

The CCS Covenant Cup winner is determined a bit differently than the quarter winners.  It is not a sum of points accumulated over each quarter that determines the winner, but rather the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placement that each House has in the quarters as well as the placement in the Fall and Spring House Games.  It is not only important to have the most 1st place wins, but equally important is to not have too many 3rd place finishes.

Audacia Fides Sapientia
1st Qtr 2 1 3
2nd Qtr 1 3 2
Fall Games 3 2 1
3rd Qtr 3 1 2
4th Qtr 3 2 1
Spring Games 3 1 2
Final Total for Covenant Cup 15 10 11

And so as you can see from the table above, the House with the most 1st place wins and fewer 2nd and 3rd place positions, and therefore the 2014-15 Covenant Cup Winner is…HOUSE FIDES!

IMG_7599 IMG_7600 IMG_7601 IMG_7603

Their crest will be framed and hung in the lobby for all of the 2016-17 school year until the next Covenant Cup winner is determined.

Spring House Games 2016

The Spring House Games (aka Upper School field day) were all about FUN and flexibility.  With the on and off rain showers, the games and their locations had to be switched around a bit, but all worked out well and the competition was on!

Below are pictures from the various events:

Word Puzzle – One purpose of the CCS House System is…


Ping Pong Relay with Tilt-a-cup challenge

rsz_img_0413rsz_img_7501rsz_img_7525 rsz_img_7523

Blind Man Snake

rsz_img_7507 rsz_img_7508rsz_img_7510

Three Legged Race

rsz_img_7533 rsz_img_7537

Yank Me and Blow Me Down

rsz_img_1881 rsz_img_1883 rsz_img_1884 rsz_img_1885 rsz_img_1886 rsz_img_1887 rsz_img_1889rsz_img_7539 rsz_img_7542 rsz_img_7543 rsz_img_7545

Baton Race


Spaghetti and Coke Relay

rsz_img_7547 rsz_img_7549 rsz_img_7555rsz_img_7552

Bite Me


Table Top

rsz_img_7565 rsz_img_7556 rsz_img_7558 rsz_img_7560 rsz_img_7564IMG_1894


rsz_us-_7 rsz_us-_6rsz_img_0468 rsz_img_0467 rsz_img_0466

And the Winner of Spring House Games was ….

HOUSE FIDES! Congratulations!


House Fides – 50 pts
House Sapientia – 60 pts
House Audacia – 64 pts
(Lowest score wins – like in golf – meaning that the House had the most first place finishes)

Fides “kept the faith” and came out on top!


The 4th Quarter Winner is…

House Sapientia!

sapientia final

Final Point Totals for 4th quarter:

1st place – Sapientia with 1671 points

2nd place – Fides with 1550 points

3rd place – Audacia with 1490 points


House Captains – Ashley Nault and Mason Cregger

House Advisors – Miss Leland and Mr. Morton


Congratulations House Sapientia for a job well done! 

Continue to “Pursue Wisdom” and keep up the good work!

House Description:   Sapientia – Latin for Wisdom
Motto: “Consequere sapientiam” (Pursue wisdom)
Colors: Blue and white/gray
Mascot: Owl
Core Values: Wisdom, Wonder, Truth, Respect, Reverence, Faith, Hope, Humility, Generosity

(To see the other house descriptions, click the link in the menu bar.)

Core Values, May 9-16, 2016

Thank you House Audacia for continued acts of kindness:

  • Two Members demonstrated PERSERVERANCE and DILIGENCE by working hard to develop a great demonstration for their group projects in Mrs. Bingham’s class.
  • One Member displayed SERVICE by changing out the lettering on the marquee sign in the hot weather for Mrs. Kuhn.
  • One Member demonstrated GRATEFULNESS and APPRECIATION by bringing cookies to the teachers in the teacher’s lounge.
  • One Member displayed DILIGENCE by working hard to catch up on work after being out sick so as not to get behind on assignments.
  • One Member displayed PERSERVERANCE in her academics by asking good questions when she did not understand in math and thus improved her grade.
  • One Member demonstrated DILIGENCE and EXCELLENCE in their research papers for her decade project.

Thank you House Fides for continued acts of kindness:

  • One Member displayed SERVICE by taking out Mrs. Bingham’s trash.
  • One Member demonstrated HONESTY and INTEGRITY to her class by pointing out that Mrs. Oliver had inadvertently left answers to math problems on the board.
  • One Member exhibited SERVICE by setting up Mr. Leland’s chairs again after the house games.
  • Two Members exhibited ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE when they scheduled a meeting with Miss Leland in order to practice for their oral exam.
  • One Member demonstrated DILIGENCE and EXCELLENCE in their research papers for her decade project.

Thank you House Sapientia for continued acts of kindness:

  • One Member demonstrated PERSERVERANCE and DILIGENCE by working hard to develop a great demonstration for his group project in Mrs. Bingham’s class.
  • Two Members exhibited SERVICE by taking out Mrs. Wilmoth’s trash.
  • Two Members exhibited ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE when they scheduled a meeting with Miss Leland in order to practice for their oral exam.
  • Three Members demonstrated DILIGENCE and EXCELLENCE in their research papers for their decade project.

April/May point update for 4th quarter

Why is it that the end of the year is packed full of all sorts of fun events?  All that fun makes for all the points to be entered to stack up and blog postings to get behind schedule.  Below are more points accrued during April and May.

Girl’s Movie Night – Student Government hosted a girl’s movie night for the 7th-12th grade girls. Audacia 6pts, Fides10pts, Sapientia 10pts


Winter Sports AwardsAudacia 20pts, Fides 20pts, Sapientia 20pts

rsz_img_7341 rsz_img_7340 rsz_img_7339

Spring Sports AwardsAudacia 5pts, Fides 10pts, Sapientia 15pts

Art Show – Students and parents were invited to the 2016 CCS Upper School  Art Show and reception!  They enjoyed  refreshments and chatted with the young artists while they viewed their Art in the gallery at the Cabarrus Art Guild.  House Sapientia hosted a social at Cabarrus Creamery for those that came out to support CCS artists! Audacia 4pts, Fides 6pts, Sapientia 16pts

rsz_img_7345 rsz_img_7391 rsz_img_7389rsz_img_7394 rsz_img_7395 rsz_img_7393 rsz_img_7392

Student Government completed its election season with the election for class representatives.  All students that ran for a leadership position were awarded points.  Audacia 18pts, Fides 15pts, Sapientia 21pts

Open House toursAudacia 18pts, Fides 18pts, Sapientia 15pts

House Surveys – Audacia 5pts, Fides 10pts, Sapientia 15pts

Theatre Attendance points – Audacia 22pts plus 10pts for serving as a House on Saturday night, Fides 22pts plus 10pts for serving as a House on Friday night, Sapientia 30pts

CCS Community Service DayAudacia 81pts, Fides 135pts, Sapientia 108pts

Audacia showed their school spirit by hosting a tailgate before the last soccer game of the year! – 20pts


Did you know that Mason’s golf gallery wish came true?  Several students came out to cheer on the CCS golf team in their last match.


Fides had two consecutive Fridays with impressive House spirit by having at least 75% of the members in House spirit wear!  15pts for 4/29 and 15pts on 5/6rsz_img_7434rsz_img_7470

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmoth Baby Shower – The faculty and students celebrated the Wilmoth’s new baby due in June with an Upper Schol baby shower during Chapel time.  Each class presented them with gifts like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, onesies, and baby toys.


Sapientia displayed great school spirit by praying for all the Upper School students and letting them know by placing a note on a card on the student’s locker.  rsz_img_7471rsz_img_7472

Attendance at the Spring House Games (Upper School field day)  – Audacia 44pts, Fides 46pts, Sapientia 36pts

Sapientia members volunteered for to paint Mrs. Harris art room – 54 community service points.

rsz_img_7575 rsz_img_7576 rsz_img_7579 rsz_img_7580 rsz_img_7582 rsz_img_7583

Sapientia’s Co-Captain Ashley Nault turned in 23.25 hours of community service hours for points.

Current Standings for 4th Qtr:
       970pts            931pts              780pts