Spring House Games 2016

The Spring House Games (aka Upper School field day) were all about FUN and flexibility.  With the on and off rain showers, the games and their locations had to be switched around a bit, but all worked out well and the competition was on!

Below are pictures from the various events:

Word Puzzle – One purpose of the CCS House System is…


Ping Pong Relay with Tilt-a-cup challenge

rsz_img_0413rsz_img_7501rsz_img_7525 rsz_img_7523

Blind Man Snake

rsz_img_7507 rsz_img_7508rsz_img_7510

Three Legged Race

rsz_img_7533 rsz_img_7537

Yank Me and Blow Me Down

rsz_img_1881 rsz_img_1883 rsz_img_1884 rsz_img_1885 rsz_img_1886 rsz_img_1887 rsz_img_1889rsz_img_7539 rsz_img_7542 rsz_img_7543 rsz_img_7545

Baton Race


Spaghetti and Coke Relay

rsz_img_7547 rsz_img_7549 rsz_img_7555rsz_img_7552

Bite Me


Table Top

rsz_img_7565 rsz_img_7556 rsz_img_7558 rsz_img_7560 rsz_img_7564IMG_1894


rsz_us-_7 rsz_us-_6rsz_img_0468 rsz_img_0467 rsz_img_0466

And the Winner of Spring House Games was ….

HOUSE FIDES! Congratulations!


House Fides – 50 pts
House Sapientia – 60 pts
House Audacia – 64 pts
(Lowest score wins – like in golf – meaning that the House had the most first place finishes)

Fides “kept the faith” and came out on top!