New Traditions…and some bragging rights

img_8501While the CCS House System continues to grow and strengthen as a tool that provides leadership opportunities and gives incentives for excellence in academics, character, service, and school spirit, traditions will take root and healthy competition will blossom.

The students continually submit creative ideas for traditions that will raise the bar higher as the Houses compete for the desired Covenant Cup.  What a joy it is to be able to bring some of those ideas to life.  The most recent being the tradition of allowing the House that wins the Covenant Cup at the end of the school year to fly its House flag under the American flag all the next school year until a new House winner is announced in May.

img_8575 img_8574

Since House Fides was the 2015-16 Covenant Cup winner, they are the first House that is allowed to enjoy this new tradition…and thus have some added inspiration (or bragging rights) for a job well done.


Speaking of a job well done…the CCS Student Government hosted a Pancake Breakfast last week, and it was a delicious success!!!  Over 250 scrumptious pancakes were made and quickly devoured by smiling grammar, middle, and upper school students and parents.


The SG leaders plan to tithe 10% of their profits to support missions.  And after all the raves reviews from the hungry customers, I believe this has the potential of becoming an annual fall and/or spring tradition for the school!