The 1st Quarter winner is…

House Audacia!


Final Point Totals for 1st quarter:

1st place – Audacia with 2054 points

2nd place – Fides with 1676 points
3rd place – Sapientia with 1600 points


House Captain – Kirby Thigpen
House Prefects – Braeden Gann and Sara Beth Jewell
House Advisors – Mrs. Quillen and Mr. Wilmoth


Congratulations House Audacia for a job well done! 

Continue to “Live Courageously” and keep up the good work!

House Description:   Audacia – Latin for Boldness, Daring
Motto: “Viva audace” (Live courageously)
Colors: Red and Gold
Mascot: Lion
Core Values: Chivalry, Service, Leadership/Authority, Bravery, Courage, Nobility, Initiative
Origin Fable: See house description in the menu bar

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