4th Quarter Kick Off

The House System kicked off 4th quarter with a fundraiser by celebrating Pi Day (3/14).  Cookie “pies” were available at lunch for purchase ($1 per slice) and the entire school “voted” by choice of pie selected for the House that they wanted to receive an advantage in the next house meeting games.  We learned that CCS grammar school kiddos love the color blue; however, the Audacia members came extra hungry and won out in the end!  (Audacia won 2 game advantages)

Student Government celebrated March Madness with 3 on 3 class tournaments during lunch.  Congratulations to the Freshman class who came out on top!

The Houses each contributed to the CCS March Open House by creating a board promoting their house!  Well done!

The first House Meeting of the 4th quarter continued the March Madness theme with the “Marshmallow Madness” games.  In the first game, each house volunteered a member to hold a cup in their mouth while one of their Advisors tossed marshmallows into it. The cup with the most marshmallows in it at the end of 2 minutes won. Audacia’s advantage in this game was that their Advisor did not have to “shoot” from standing on a chair.  Even though Sapientia protested the final outcome, House Fides was determined the winner. (10pts)

The next game was Marshmallow tennis.  I wish we had pictures of this game because it was quite funny. Audacia’s advantage was that they could select which House went first, second, or third.  Despite the advantage, Sapientia solidly won this game! (10pts)

The next game was a Marshmallow Tower Challenge.  Each house separated into a guys team and a girls team.  They were asked to build the tallest tower they could in 15 minutes using only mini marshmallows and spaghetti.

The designs were each unique and creative; however, the Audacia guys and the Sapientia ladies came in 1st place. (10 points each)

The last challenge was a “Guess how many M&M’s are in the jar!”  Much thought and creative math calculations went into this game.  At the end of the day, Weston Cregger of House Fides was the winner by guessing the number closest to the true amount of 760. (10pts plus the jar of candy)

Student Government concluded the fun week (as well as kicked off a fun St. Patrick’s Day) with another delicious Pancake Breakfast for the entire school.


More fun things to come for 4th quarter….stay tuned!