First Day, Foundations, Fun, and Fellowship

We’ve only been in school for a week and a half and yet SO MUCH has happened.  On the first day, CCS welcomed 30 new Upper School students – seventeen 7th graders and thirteen new 8th, 9th, and 10th graders.  The energy, passion, and joy that all these new students are bringing to the upper school is contagious!

Also NEW this school year was how our amazing heads of school, Mrs. Prince and Mrs. Dearing, decided to have the students spend the first 2 days.  Instead of going directly to their various classes, all 7th-12th grade students took part in a two day Foundations Class where guest speakers covered a variety of topics including time management, research skills, study skills, and effective speaking.

Day 1 started with Mrs. Dearing and Mrs. Prince “laying the groundwork” which included prayer and worship.  Mrs. Prince talked about school culture, Mr. Leland discussed the honor code, and Mrs. Sneed reviewed the school policies.  The afternoon sessions were on study skills, time management, misssing assignments, communication with faculty, research skills, and citing.  And to let out a little energy from all that fabulous learning, Mrs. Quillen and Mrs. Haycox hosted a “Clash of Class” volleyball tournament.  Each grade picked 6 members to represent them and come up with a team name.  In round one, the 11th graders (Weebok) beat the 12th graders (the Elders), the 7th graders (the Carolina Reapers) beat the 8th graders, and the 10th graders (Zink, Inc) beat the 9th graders (team Dirt).  We also had 2 mixed grade teams that included two brave teachers, Mr. Leland and Mr. Morton.

After exciting semi final games, the 2 remaining teams were the 11th graders and one of the mixed grade teams.  Not to be defeated – the 11th graders – team “Weebok” were the champions.  Well played, Weeboks!

Day 2 began with worship and prayer and a Honor Code signing ceremony.  Then the students were blessed by Holly Worsley as she spoke on “Nourishing the Soul.”  Afterwards all the leaders in Student Government, the House System, Clubs, and sport teams came forward to introduce themselves and tell a little bit about what their role entails.   Right before lunch Mr. Morton talked to the 7th-10th grades about relationships while Mrs. Haycox met with the 11th and 12th graders on the college process.  After lunch the students were treated to a video and presentation by Miss Leland on elocution and effective speaking skills.  The another fabulous guest speaker, Mr. Chad Macy, blessed the students on the topic of Joshua 1 – Taking back the Land.  And rounding out the day was a big dodgeball game between the 8th, 9th, and 11th graders vs 7th, 10th, and 12th graders. (The latter coming out on top.) And then the classes divided to play the game called “Turtle”!

We are all so blessed to be at a school that dedicates this much time to get everyone on the same page and ready to tackle the year ahead. 

Next post – Warrior Camp!

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