Lunch Buddies and House meetings

The Student Government and House System leaders have started a “Lunch Buddies” program this year. 

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month the leaders join the K4, K5, 1st, and 2nd graders during part of their lunch time.  It is evident from the noise level, the giggles, and the smiles all around that “Lunch Buddies” is a big hit with all of the kids.

What is so sweet to see and hear at the school now are the high-fives the Upper Schoolers give their “buddies” in the halls between classes and the little ones saying to their friends, “He/She is my friend!”

Every 3rd Thursday, the Houses gather in one of their Advisor’s classrooms to meet and to discuss/brainstorm ideas for how they can set the bar higher in areas of community service, school spirit, athletic participation, academic excellence, and character development.

House Fides

House Sapientia

House Audacia

Each meeting is different – some are meant to inform of events ahead and others have games and activities.  The hope is that all are designed to give the House leaders a chance to sharpen their leadership skills, to provide the House members a chance to think/work as a team, and to strengthen the fellowship/community between students in different grade levels.